Welcome to Betsy’s Blog

 This is my personal blog and the temporary location for NonStop Clay.   When you find your self here just click the NonStop Clay page above to find the Happy Valley Show application.   You may now find NonStop Clay’s website,  active as well.

Visit the pages on my clay and teaching activities and the family history where I hope to collect historical and not so long ago histories of family and friends. 

As for comments, the door is open to any subjects…what is with this daylight savings time?  When you live as far north as I do in Seattle you just don’t need it.   I think we should call an “emergency” legislative session to “cancel” daylight savings time (and save NPR).

My dear cousin Ebey and Doug on our visit with her family on their farm in Maria Schmolln, Austria.  Do you like the shot of the Florence skyline from our tower in the Hotel Torre Guelfa?